Austrian Victory, Battle of Hochkirch.

During the Seven Years’ Ward on October 14th 1758 Prussia and Austria battled in Saxony. Prussia at the time lead by Frederick the Great and Austria commanded by Leopold Josef Graf Daun.

Austria outnumbered Prussia greatly during this battle, and what didn’t help was Frederick’s reluctance to set up an well though strategy or listen to warning when camp was set near Hochkirch. They were almost left open, taken off guard, as Austria moved in on them when it was still dark out. There was a terrible defeat of the Prussians and they retreated from the town. It was one of the worst losses Prussia had ever had.

So who’s this picture of a jolly man at the top? I just read of him today, and I really liked the story. He was actually Scottish but fought as a very distinguished Prussian marshal by the name of James Francis Edward Keith. There is a statue (or two?) in his honour out there. I believe in that actual town of Hochkirch.